Beasts With Guns

by Rabid Dogs

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"Beasts With Guns" is the second album by Rabid Dogs.


released December 22, 2012

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Alien Recording Studio, Lanciano (CH) - Italy in Autumn 2012

Guest appearances:
Angelo Raffaele De Innocentiis (Rising Moon)
Tony Berardinucci (Otiòp)

Artwork by Infested Art
Released by Eclectic Productions



all rights reserved


Rabid Dogs Atessa, Italy

Mixing grindcore, sludge, punk and rock & roll with pulp themes, Rabid Dogs will lead you to the filthy gutter of “spaghetti-land”... because violence is an Italian art!

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Track Name: Mad Dog Killer
I’m gonna kill your friend
I’ll do it very slowly
It’s not a joke
A false move and he’s dead

Informers got to die
Understand, fucking asshole?
You’ve finished, ugly bastard!

I’m the Mad Dog Killer

Beast with guns
Inflict much pain
To betrayers

Take the quicklime!

I like your woman
You’ve chosen well
Come on baby

Is afraid of me
Aren’t you?

Read the paper!

You already know
How much I like
Killing people

To life sentence
Track Name: The Boss
I came from nothing and nothing I had
Except this hunger that makes me mad

My brute force will prevail
I can’t die, I can’t fail

Will to power and command
So much money in my hands

I use violence to dominate
I haven’t fear to defy the State

Yes, I’m the boss

If you don’t obey my tommy gun
Maybe is better start to run

And when you feel that I’m near
Can’t control your fucking fear

I came from the gutter, became rich too fast
Between wars, betrayers, I’ll remain the last
Police can’t do nothing, I’m the boss now
Commissioner is an impotent clown
Track Name: Lupara Bianca
Burn alive
Drown in slime
Melt in acid

Bury alive
In a cement pylon

Lupara Bianca
Track Name: Red Brigades
Terrorist organization
Revolutionary vanguard
Armed forces
No remorses

Politicians and magistrates
We don’t take prisoners
They are hopeless
All condemned

Red Brigades
They won’t fade
Red Brigades
Commies shades
Red Brigades
Killing games

Red Brigades
Will you blame
Red Brigades
For your faith
Red Brigades
In this State
Track Name: Agressão/Repressão
É preciso mudar o sistema policial
Porque eles estão matando a pau
Gente decente

É preciso mudar o sistema policial
Porque eles estão matando a pau
Gente inocente

Em vez de proteger a população
Vivem agredindo algum cidadão
Sem nenhuma razão


É preciso mudar o sistema policial
Porque já estamos cansados de agressão

Track Name: Daddy McBride
Thirty years in the police
I hate porcupines
Teaching respect and esteem
I don't accept resignations
In the end you will love me
As I were your father
My door is always open
To help young people

I’m a Puritan
I don’t drink
I'm your father

Daddy McBride


I’m a Puritan, baby
I don’t drink

My brother-in-law is a bastard
Captain McBride
Track Name: The White Caiman
Always on the streets
Walks alone, social outcast
This splendid ruined city
Is his reign, is his hell

Junkie and alcoholic
Black and white urban walker
Isolated from the world
From his father, from his son

Is he beggar?
White Caiman
Or an emperor?
White Caiman
Is he mental?
White Caiman
Or just a dreamer?

Tragic hero of discomfort
Can't save from himself
With his only junkie friend
Free him please from disease

Living trash
White Caiman
Smoking ash
White Caiman
Sniff some coke
White Caiman
It’s not a joke

Most ferocious killer
Of New York
And while the city sleeps
White Caiman walks alone

Lord of piles of rubble
Outcast without hope
Desperation, solitude
Gerry walks away on dope
Track Name: Il Consigliori
I defend my Family

Personal adviser of the Godfather

Till the end I'll follow my boss

Fight and kill our enemies

Can be sure that I don't go
I'm not coward, I’m not a whore

Got no problem to leave my wife
For the final clash of my life

I don't leave the friends of mine
I don't care if I live or die
I belong to Family
I am ready to run some risks
Track Name: Dirty Harry
You don’t assign him to murder cases
You just turn him loose

He doesn’t break murder cases
He smashes them

Doesn’t care about jurisdiction
He’s never wrong

Eye for an eye, without mercy
Cops death squad

It’s a job for Dirty Harry

Makes them pay for all the murders done

Hates the system but he sticks with it

Makes them pay
Never wrong
Dirty Harry Callahan
Track Name: Death Wish
Coins in the sock, your heart beats on the right
No more holidays, your place is New York’s night
Modern day cowboy, vigilante, city style
Judge, jury and executioner of the urban crime

He’s back in L.A. bringing justice to the streets
Controls the quarter from robbers and enemies
Too many abuses unleashed the beast
Never make a death wish, because a death wish always comes true

Murder, rape, invade your home
Police can’t stop it
This man will. His way
Track Name: Whoremonger Politician
His wife tells he’s sick
Friends reply “it’s only a strip”
Noemi, Nicky, Ruby, Patty
All in “Papi’s” hardcore party

Loves so much prostitutes
Gets crazy if they are minors
Do you wanna know his program?
Maybe it’s summed up by this slogan:

I don’t care about the State
While I have a sexual date
I don’t care about finances
I just love African dances
Politician borderline
All the little girls are mine
Politician whoremonger
I’m enslaved by sexual hunger
Track Name: Tango & Cash
I load up your fucking mouth
Brown sugar in your ass
You’ll become my bitch
I kick your fucking ass, puto!

Tango & Cash
No one knows how stop them
Tango & Cash
Cops till death
Tango & Cash
Run fast and don’t turn back
Tango & Cash
If you meet them

If caged they will escape
And smash your face
With hand grenade

I’m Conan the Barbarian
I tear you from the ass
Fry punk! Now you’re done
Track Name: Lord High Executioner
He came to NY City
At sixteen years old
At Brooklyn’s waterfront
He killed a longshoreman

When got out of prison
He joined a mobsters clan
So his bloody career
Can improve again

Penchant for homicide
Blood lust to satisfy
His name terrorizes
Ruthless Calabrian Killer
Lord High Executioner

He founded the Murder Inc.
Guilty of hundreds killings
New leader in the Family
Triumph of brutality
When Don Vito was back
His fortune came to an end
Killed at the barbershop
At Sheraton Hotel